June 29, 2022

Many instances, even after lakhs of efforts, cash doesn’t final in the home. On account of lack of steadiness between revenue and expenditure, an individual stays poor. Based on astrology, the poverty of an individual on the monetary entrance is hidden within the corners of the home. The three predominant corners of the home are seen to be related to the poverty of human beings.

Water tank

1. Water tank- If the tanks on the roof of the home are positioned within the south-east route, then there’s a whole lot of harm. That is the place of fireside, and unfavourable vitality enters life when there’s water within the space of ​​fireplace. Together with this, issues like quarrels, lawsuits, beatings and debates additionally improve in the home.

2. Rest room –

Based on Vastu, if the bathroom in the home is constructed within the Northeast, then the individual has issues with cash. This error is not going to solely make you weak on the monetary entrance however can even trigger well being issues. Due to this fact, by no means construct a rest room within the north-east route of the home.

3. North route of the house-

If filth or one thing is scattered within the north route of your own home, then it may be the explanation to your poverty. There ought to by no means be any rubbish or land on this route. North route is the place of Lord Kuber, therefore the vitality coming from this route decides the standing of your life.

In Vastu Shastra, the primary door of the home has been given nice significance as a result of it’s from right here that optimistic or unfavourable vitality is available in the home. If any mistake is made concerning the primary door of the home, then it could trigger huge hassle. For instance, lack of cleanliness on the predominant entrance of the home could be a huge cause for lack of cash. Individuals who do not need cleanliness on the predominant entrance of their home, their home is at all times plagued with ailments and hard-earned cash is spent on hospitals and medicines. Due to this fact, by no means enable filth to enter the primary entrance. Moderately, maintain it clear and make auspicious indicators like swastika, toes of Maa Lakshmi on it.

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