June 29, 2022

 VIXX is a south korean boy band formed by jellyfish entertainment through the  reality show “mydol” in 2012. originally a sextet, the group currently consists of five members: n, leo, ken, ravi and hyuk; former vocalist hongbin left the group and  agency in august 2020.

VIXX debuted  their first single “super hero”. in true 2012 style, it was an edm track with the lovely members showing off their smiles and amazing dancing style november  vixx’s second studio album “chained up” was released along with the music video for “chained up”.the era of the vixx sound began with this track. certainly an iconic song, “chained up” has catchy pop hooks in the chorus but surrounded by the signature vocals are several soft raps that are unique and give the song a cool, spooky vibe. “voodoo” is vixx’s first studio album to feature “voodoo doll” as the title track. shot in the style of a horror film, it begins with graphic imagery. the mutilated members are locked up in solitary chambers. he tortures her through the voodoo doll. the members flee, but hongbin is recaptured.in the end, he completely transforms into a voodoo doll. while the mv was censored and many couldn’t stand the concept, they created and appropriated the horror element of kpop, making way for many future groups to create a new sound. in march, on january 29, 2016, jellyfish entertainment released “conception art film” intended to mark the beginning of their year-long project “vixx 2016 conception” through which the group would showcase their wide musical and conceptual spectrum they have as a theme all around the gods. appears in greek mythology. on april 14, 2016, the group unveiled the “zelos concept movie”, along with the release of the track listing and featured medley. on april 19, 2016, the group released their fifth single album zelos along with the title track “dynamite”.the music video for “dynamite” was released  the following day. during april and may, vixx won five first place prizes on  music shows and earned their second triple crown on the show. the song and album were inspired by zelos, the greek god of jealousy and rivalry. on august 12, 2016, vixx released their sixth single album and the second part of their 2016 vixx “conception” trilogy, hades, along with the title track “fantasy”. the music video for “fantasy” was released two days later in august. january 14, 2016. “fantasy” has a darker theme that emphasizes the concept of hades, the greek god of the underworld, in contrast to the first  release of “2016 conception” which was conceived around zelos. on october 31, 2016, vixx released their third mini-album. and the final part of their vixx 2016 conception trilogy, “kratos”, along with the title track “the closer”. “kratos” is designed around the god kratos; the personification of power, power, sovereign rule and authority in all its forms.while the members have been doing their own thing in life, they still come together to celebrate vixx’s well-deserved success, and so do we! we hope to see you on stage soon!

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