June 27, 2022

On may 23, a netizen uploaded a photo of two people in a car, claiming they were bts v along with blackpink’s jennie in the passenger seat.

Since then, rumors have been circulating that the two stars are in a relationship and  recently vacationed on the south korean island of jeju. These rumors were only reinforced by other recent rumors that blackpink’s jennie and bigbang’s gdragon have parted ways. Fans of the two artists responded by saying that ‘s image was edited and that v’s photo is not new and is  from last year’s bts show bts in the soop while he was walking with his pal jhope. Meanwhile, other fans claimed that the man in the photo is not bts. ‘v ever and was actually a social media influencer, ‘t’.Influencer “T” then took to his instagram account to respond to these claims and strongly denied them. He clarified, “The guy in the picture going viral  on twitter right now is not me. So you don’t need to send me a message. Plus.” Influencer ‘t’ also posted a lengthy statement on his instagram story, saying: “Hi, as I said, the man in the photo is not me. I’ve never been on jeju with the member that many people think is the role. Also , I’ve never modeled for the gentle monster brand  and the scarf in the picture is just similar to the one I have, not the same.” he continued, “At first I thought it would go away soon enough, but see you.” now it was mecontinuously receiving numerous messages containing profanity related to the topic; I realized that I was wrong, that every time people sent me post urls on all  media and other social networks, the problem disappeared. So I decided it’s better to  correct the facts. I want everyone to delete all  rumor posts or all posts about me. I hope people don’t keep spreading false rumours. It is really painful and distressing that these false rumors continuedistribution. Thanks for reading such a long post.Although bts’ agency, bighit music, did not respond to the rumours, blackpink’s agency, yg entertainment, responded by saying, “We have nothing to say [regarding the rumours],” adding, “We will you.” let know.” if we have any other replies. Split

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