June 29, 2022

Addis Ababa, May 3 | Unicef ​​Announced It Has  Received Just 22 Percent Of The $351 Million It Needs To Meet The Needs Of 9.9 Million People In Ethiopia. In A Humanitarian Situation Report, 

The Un Agency Said It Needed The Funds To Meet The Needs Of 9.9 Million People. Affected By Droughts In Four Regions Of Ethiopia. The Appeal Also Includes Funds Needed To Help 4.45 Million Children In Ethiopia, Reports 

The News Agency. Unicef Aims To Provide Basic Necessities And Basic Health, Nutrition, Education And Sanitation Facilities To People In Need. The Report Further Revealed That Nearly 650,000 Children In Oromia, Ethiopia Are Not Attending School. Southern And Somali Regions Due To Drought Conditions. 

It Also Revealed That The Drought  Has Forced The Closure Of 2,000 Schools  In Ethiopia. Aggregate Report.The Horn Of Africa Region, Including Ethiopia, Is Facing Its Worst Climate-related Drought  In 40 Years.

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