June 29, 2022

Yoona is a south korean singer and actress. After five years of training, she debuted in august 2007 as a member of the girl group girls’ generation, which has become one of the best-selling artists in south korea and one of the most popular in south korea. Girl groups around the world. Besides her group activities, yoona has acted in various tv dramas, so let’s take a look at some of her popular leading roles: you are my destiny (2008) her first leading role was as jang sae byuk, a happy and cheerful l.

Grateful orphan who always loves her tried best.She dreamed of  becoming an interior designer one day, despite her lack of education and money. Due to an accident  before the beginning of the story  (about three years ago), he loses his sight and undergoes a corneal transplant. Woman quickly making her way through the lohas design competition. Love rain (2012)  took on the role of kim yoon hee/ha na (1970/2012), a cute college student, in both 1970s and 2012.It’s love at first sight when seo in ha (jang keun suk) and kim yoon hee (yoona) meet as shy college students in the 1970s. It takes the reluctant couple time  to finally express their feelings, but circumstances beyond their control send them on their way. In different ways. In 2012, in ha’s son, seo joon (jang keun suk), is a photographer and accidentally meets yoon hee’s daughter, jung ha na (yoona). Unlike her mother, ha na is a lively and cheerful girl. And although they initially find

Annoying, they can’t help but be attracted to each other even when they fight.The prime minister and I (2013) here yoona transformed into nam da jung,  a 28-year-old tabloid reporter. He has worked for his newspaper for three years and is responsible for reporting on love scandals. Actually, she is  a very clumsy woman. She constantly makes mistakes and embarrasses herself. She once dreamed of becoming a writer like jane austen; but in a society where there is no money to be made with “art and culture”, becoming an author is a distant dream for her.She ends up using her writing and editing skills, as well as her photographic eye, to become a reporter for scandal news. Her father, who suffers from alzheimer’s, has to stay in a nursing home for a long time, so she has to work tirelessly to support him. In the interest of “The next big thing,” he follows kwon yul day and night in an attempt to land an exclusive.

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