June 27, 2022

Seventeen have released the teaser for their title track “hot” mv. The teaser video released showed off their freer and more  unconventional image, as if they had all been thrown away by burning the things that held them together.

As if fighting  something, the wing snapped. A scarred side and  face piqued curiosity and raised expectations for the return. The fourth full-length album “face the sun” contains a total of 9 songs consisting only of group songs. An album that honestly represents seventeenambition to become a being like the sun, having a unique and tremendous impact on the world. The title track “hot” is a song that combines hip hop genre with  western guitar sound. It’s a song that intensely represents the image of seventeen  bravely forging their own path in front of the scorching sun.Songs like “don quijote”, “march”, “domino”, “about you” and “ash” are more upbeat or have energetic genres like trap, edm, pop and rock, while “shadow” and “if you leave me” are tends to be the album’s mellower tracks, with the previous track being a bit more upbeat, but “if you leave me” is an emotional ballad. The third track “don quixote”, which impresses with the hybrid sound of rock and hiphop and an impressive voice, followed by the fourth track “march”,is an energetic rock genre song, which captivates with the lightness of the  rhythm .Random , while  the sounds of synthesizer and guitar harmonize exquisitely. The fifth track “domino” is a song that combines alternative house and pop genres and the point is the bouncy atmosphere created by the synth sound and vocal editing. The sixth track “shadow” is a song that combines rock and pop genres and features attractive vocals, drums and bass sounds.The seventh track is “about you”, which features witty humor with hip-hop elements added, and “if you let me”, a ballad where a minimal arrangement allows you to focus on the lyrics and melody, is the eighth. As a track, and “ash”, which has an attractive autotune vocal harmony  in the trap hip-hop genre, was recorded on the ninth track.

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