June 29, 2022

In a recent interview, priyanka chopra spoke about being a female powerhouse with a deadline. The actress spoke about how actresses fell out early in their careers and it was  about living in a man’s world. However, the newest mom on the block added that today she’s  proud of the “Sisterhood”  actresses in the industry have created. Speaking of her journey, priyanka said: “It was in the early 2000s and yes there was competition because in any

Predominantly patriarchal society women compete and there is only one that can be the best. Over time I think that especially in my generation we all made great strides  digging  our feet and creating a sisterhood that I am now very proud as a community to be a part of.When asked  how far women have come in the entertainment business, priyanka gave an example from her  own upcoming film, jee le zaraa. The actress pointed out how female artists are  empowering each other now. She said: “Whether it’s bollywood or  america, what I’ve experienced is women standing up for women. Now I’m doing a film in india  with two of the best actresses in the country katrina kaif and alia bhatt and the three of us decided we wanted to make a film together and

Teamed up to produce it.But the idea is, yeah, it was very different when I started. We were all at odds and our casting depended heavily on the lead actor in the film and it depends on who’s in the mood at the time and that was a very unsettling feeling.” priyanka added of finding her own path: ” it’s a really insightful question because it really gave my career a very specific direction because of a certain uncomfortable feeling.I took on many roles that were shaped by women. I took on films that were just on my shoulders because it was so embarrassing to have  the flavor of the season and then not get cast. So taking on films that don’t necessarily always have the big male leads defines me, and that’s made my career very much mine.”Priyanka, katrina and alia really wowed netizens when they announced jee le zaraa last year. The trio will be directed by farhan akhtar as the road trip film is expected to be released in september.

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