July 2, 2022

The Move Comes After  Swedish And Danish Authorities Reported A Violation Of Their Airspace By A Russian Plane. 

A Swedish Air Force Photo Of The Russian Su27 Plane That Violated Swedish Airspace In An Earlier Incident East Of Gotland  March 2, 2022 [Swedish Air Force/Handout/Tt News Agency/Via Reuters] 

Denmark And Sweden Are Calling Russian Ambassadors To Their Countries After A Russian Spy Plane Violated Their Airspace. The Authorities Of Denmark And Sweden Reported That The Russian Plane Entered Danish Airspace  East Of The Danish Baltic Sea On Friday Night And Then The Island Of Bornholm  Entered Swedish Airspace. Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod Said The Russian Ambassador To Denmark Had Been Subpoenaed About The Spy Plane Incident, Calling It “Unacceptable”.“There Are Established Procedures For These Types Of Cases. 

It Is Specifically About Appointing The Representative Of The Affected Nation To The State Department,” He Said In An Email. “The Russian Ambassador Will Be Called To The Foreign Ministry Tomorrow,” Kofod Tweeted On Sunday. “A New Russian Violation Of Danish Airspace. This Is Totally Unacceptable And Of Particular Concern In The Current Situation,” He Said.The Swedish Foreign Ministry Also Announced That The Russian Ambassador Would Be Called To Stockholm. 

“There Are Established Procedures For These Types Of Cases. In Particular, This Involves Summoning The Representative Of The Nation Concerned To The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs,” The Swedish Ministry Said In An Email. The Airspace Violation Sparked Quick Reactions In Sweden, Where Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist Told Local Media  Such An Action Was “Unprofessional” And “Inappropriate” Amid Heightened  Tensions In The Region Over Russian Invasion Of Ukraine. The Swedish Defense Ministry Said In A Statement That The Attack By The “Russian An30 Propeller Plane” Was Monitored And Recorded.In Early March, Four Russian Fighter Jets Entered The Airspace Over Sweden. Henrik Mortensen, A Spokesman For The Danish Defense Command, Said The Russian Reconnaissance Plane “Was In Danish Airspace For A Very Brief Moment. Two Danish F16S Intervened Immediately.” Incidents Are Rare. Since Moscow Launched Its Land, Sea And Air Offensive Against Ukraine On February 24, Nordic Countries Like Sweden And Finland Have Reconsidered Their Longstanding Military Neutrality And Are  Considering Joining Nato.The Two Countries Are Expected To Announce Their Plan To Bid For Nato Membership In Mid-may, A Move The Sources Say Is Being Heavily Encouraged By The United States. Moscow Has Repeatedly Warned The  Two Northernmost States Of The European Union Against Such A Decision. Denmark Is Already A Member. Of The Western Military Alliance.

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