July 2, 2022

Aishwarya rai bachchan is one of the most popular bollywood actresses. Whether it’s her movie choices, her acting skills, or her beauty, it’s always talked about. Well, the actress is turning heads with her spectacular  red carpet performances at the 2022 cannes film festival.

Well, aishwarya interacted with anupama chopra inwalked the red carpet and spoke about his 20 year journey at this prestigious film festival and more. Speaking on how the position of women  in the industry is changing, aishwarya rai bachchan said: “We still need to shine a light on the fact that I have yet to make this push and continue to encourage women in the industry, in  films  that films don’t.” get along without women. Women have always been such an integral part of movies. In front of the camera, behind the camera and on the sides of the.

As part of the crew.” aish concluded by stating that talent needs support and talent needspossibility regardless of gender. Meanwhile, as for her looks, aishwarya rai bachchan wore a pink valentino pants suit for her first look and exuded charm. And for the second look, aish walked the red carpet in a dazzling black dress with sleeves decorated with flowers. She paired it with gorgeous earrings and eyes heavily painted with kohl. The beauty queen kept her hair up as she greeted fans near the red carpet.Aishwarya has also been reunited with her longtime friend and hollywood actress eva longoria. One thing to note is that they are both l’oreal brand ambassadors.

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