June 27, 2022

From Billie Jean To I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Check Out Our Compilation Of The Best Songs Of The ’80S. Check Out Our List Of The 10 Best Songs Of The 80S. Are You Here To Witness The Most Iconic Decade Of Music? Your Sights Are Set  On The Right Lane. We’re Counting Down Some Of The Biggest Hits Of The 80’s.From  Dancepop Masterpieces To Punk Rock Hits, We’ve Brought Them All Together In Our Compilation. When Disco Died Out In The Early ’80S, It Was Time To Add Some New Spices To The Mix, And That’s Exactly What The Legends Of The Time Were Saying. Did. From Michael Jackson To Marvin Gaye, Each Artist Brought Something New Into The Mix, And  The Decade Became Known As The Golden Age Of Music. 

Artists Began Using More Electric Sounds And Synths To Shape Their Music Into Increasingly Unique Tracks, Giving Us A Rich
Collection Of Music To Choose From. The Rock Bands That Ruled Themindustry, The Soloists Who Wore Them And The Female Icons Born During This Period Were  Part Of A Generation That Viewed Music Not Just For Its Rhythm But  For Its Substance As Music Became More Than Just The Keys Of A Pianos With The Advent Of Technology,  Music Video Has Also Become An Important Part Of The Industry. 

With Artists Trying New Ideas And Styles In Creating Videos To Grab Attention, Mtv Became An Important Part Of The Music Industry. Scroll Down To Check Out Our Compilation Of The Greatest Hits Of The 80’s. Check Out Our List Of The 10 Best Songs Of The 80S Below:

1. Dancing In The Dark – Bruce Springsteen

A Song That Will Resonate With The New Generations. With Its Powerful Drums Playing In The Background, The Song Is A Very Relatable Track, With  Lyrics Expressing The Sheer Harshness That Life Is For Most Genz People. Springsteen’s Song Is About Essence. What We  Talk About A Lot Now In 2022  Is Self Hatred. From The Way We Look To The Way We Live, The Same Old Story In An Endless Loop Leading To The Darkness That Is Our Hopeless Mind That Constantly Reminds Us That  Thanks To The Advent Of Social Media, We’re Kind Of Out Of Fun Media, This Constant Mental Anger Has Turned Into More Than Just A Small Pit In The Stomach.Although The Song Was Born In The 80’s, It Has  Stood The Test Of Time.
2. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears

Brit Pop-rock Band Tears For Fears Embrace New Wave And Synthpop And Release This All-time Hit On Vinyl. Another Track  Revived In Recent Years From The ’80S Has Been A Constant Play For Those Craving For The Witty. Atmosphere Of The Songs Of The Golden Age.
3. Back In Black – Ac/Dc 

Many  Already Know This  Hit From Marvel’s Blockbuster Iron Man. This Ac/Dc Home Run Is Perfect For Rock Newcomers Who Haven’t Ventured Far Into The Metal Alley. Everyone To Stop  Headbanging On The Electrifying Track.
4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

One Of The Most Iconic Songs Of The Decade, This Houston Song Continues To Be A Smash Hit. Embracing The Dancepop Beat Feel, The Song Is An All-time Pop Culture Favorite. The Song Was Part Of The Legend’s Second Album, Whitney. The Song Received Mixed Reviews,  It Was A Home Run Worldwide As It Went Six Times Platinum. At The Grammys, Whitney Also Won The  Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Nomination For The Hugely Popular Song.
5. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears

British Pop-rock Band Tears For Fears, Which Fuses New Wave And Synthpop, Have Released This All-time Hit On Vinyl. Another Track  Revived From The ’80S In Recent Years Has Been A Constant Play For Those Craving Wit. Atmosphere Of The Songs Of The Golden Age.
6. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

This 1 Track Has One Of The Most Iconic Opening Guitar Riffs In History. The American Hard Rock Band Introduced Many To The Sheer, Soulful Grandeur Of A Powerful Guitar Riff As They Gave Center Stage To The Strings Mid-track While The Frontman/Singer Stepped Back And Let The Guitar Do The Talking. Recently, Much Younger Netizens Have Also Had Their Eyes On This Masterpiece, As The Latest  Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Features Explosive Theme Song Playing In The Background.
7. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

The Internet Works In Mysterious Ways And One Such Example Is The Rickrolling Meme. For Those Unfamiliar, The Song Gained Popularity In The 21St Century When Netizens Started A Trend Of Getting Others To Watch The Music Video For This Song, Which In Turn Made The Song. Another Success. As Well As Being Great Meme Material, The Rick Astley Song Is  One Of The Best Dancepop Songs From The Era When Disco Music Was Fading And Giving Way To  Synthesizers And Heavy Drumbeats, Which Brought Them Into The New Genre Of “Dancepop”. Transformed.
8. Call Me – Blondie

The Theme Song From The 1980 Film American Gigolo, Call Me Is Definitely A Personal Favorite. Upon Its Release, The Song Was A Huge Hit, Spending Six Consecutive  Weeks At No. 1 On The Billboard Charts. The Song Has The Power To Take You On An Instant Headbanging Tour While The Drums Pound Away In The Background Combined With The Heavy Guitar Riffs, The Song Is Just Picture Perfect. The High-pitched Voice Of The Band’s Lead Singer, Debbie Harry, Adds Immense Spice To The Song.And Just The Right Amount Of Rock To Get Even  Beginners On Their Feet.
9. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

This List Would Be Incomplete If We Didn’t Include The Legendary Artist. Billie Jean In Particular Was A Song That Became One Of Jackson’s Biggest Hits, With Critics Calling The Song The Best Dance Album Of All Time. The Music Video For The Song Was Widely Syndicated On Mtv At The Time, Making It A Huge Hit.
10. Fight The Power – Public Enemy 

This Powerful Track Makes No Secret Of Its Motivation Or Intent As The Rap Duo Is Committed To Regaining Their Rights. In The Late 1980S, Rap, With Its Important Messages And Fast Flows, Established Its First Footholds In Popular Culture, Everyone Was On Board. The Hip-hop Train That Would Become One Of The Most Important Genres Of The Coming Decades. Inspired By The Isley Brothers’ Song Of The Same Name, This Classic Rap Masterpiece Is All About Fighting Against The Powerful.

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