June 29, 2022
Once Again The Boldness Of The Naxalites In Chhattisgarh Has Come To Light. Here The Naxalites Attacked The Soldiers Again. The Naxalites Raided Late At Night And Began Firing Indiscriminately At The Soldiers’ Camp. There Was Excitement Among The Soldiers Present In The Camp. Immediately The Soldiers Became Alert And Began To Fight.The Soldiers Immediately Went To The Front And Began Attacking The Naxalites. Shooting Continued  For About 30 Minutes From Both Sides. The Naxalites Took Advantage  Of The Darkness Of The Night. Then They Saw The Opportunity And Fled From There. Many Soldiers Received Bullets. In Random Shooting.Two Of These Soldiers Are Said To Be In Critical Condition.
Attack in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh

The Naxalites Did That Boldness On Sunday Night. This Incident  Happened In Bijapur Of Bastar Division Of Chhattisgarh. This Is Where The Chhattisgarh Armed Force (Caf) Camp Was Established. The Naxalites Arrived Near This Camp  Around 11 P.M. M. On Sunday Evening. Darkness Surrounded These People Around The Camp.Since It Was Night, The Soldiers Rested. Meanwhile, The Naxalites Began Firing On Their Camp. Sudden Gunfire Caused A Commotion. The Soldiers Immediately Went To The Front. In The Meantime, However, 4 Soldiers Had Arrived. Balls.At The Same Time, Two Of These Jawan Were  Seriously Injured.
Naxalites also fired 15 BGL shells
In Addition To Firing At The Soldiers, The Naxalites Fired 15 Bgl Shells. The Naxalites Had Come To Darbha’s Camp To Do Great Harm. For This Reason, These People Chose The Night Time  When The Soldiers Rest In The Camp. However, The Soldiers Gained The Upper Hand In Time And Avoided Major Damage. Two Soldiers  Seriously Injured By Naxalite Gunfire Are Being Treated.The Seriously Injured Were Transferred To Raipur. At The Same Time, The  Remaining Two Soldiers Are Being Treated At Bijapur District Hospital. Sp Kamlochan Kashyap Says That The Naxalites  Also Suffered Casualties In The Action Of The Soldiers.
Search operation is going on continuously
Search operation

There Is Another Reason For Performing The Search Operation. The Sp Says That The Naxalites, Attacking The Camp From Such A Distance, Could Not Have Gotten Very Far. For This Reason, A Quick Search  Is Performed Here. The Wounded Jawan Is Out Of Danger, But Two Jaban Are In Critical Condition.

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