• Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Several feet long ‘snake skeletons’ were found in France, people were surprised to see the video, know the whole matter


Apr 1, 2022

A video of a strange thing discovered on a Google Map on social media is going viral. This is the skeleton of a snake. It was shared by a user on Tiktok, which has been seen by millions. When its reality came out in the investigation, everyone was surprised.

If you go to search on Google Map, then you will get to see more than one strange and wonderful thing. It has also been the subject of frequent discussion. This time a picture is in a lot of discussions. The reason behind this is the skeleton of a 30-meter long snake visible in the picture. The video related to this is also becoming very viral. But when the research was done about it, the surprising truth came out.


This strange thing is seen on

Google Maps According to The Independent, a TikTok account named @googlemapsfun was exploring Google Maps. During this, his eyes fell on a giant snake-like thing on the coast of France on March 24. The video of this strange-looking skeleton has also been shared by this user.


This skeleton is about 30 meters, which is much bigger than any snake caught so far. It has been said about this that this is the skeleton of a snake that has become extinct. It could be Titanoboa which is a species of snake. Millions of people have already seen this video. If you also see it, it will look like a snake to you.

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