June 27, 2022

Newswind.co.uk  Post –Russian Army Caused Destruction In Mariupol, More Than 10 Thousand Civilians Died, Kyiv. More Than 10,000 Civilians Have Been Killed So Far In Six Weeks Of Continuous Attacks By The Russian Military In The Southern Port City Of Mariupol In Ukraine . Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko Has Claimed This. The Situation Is So Bad That The Dead Bodies Of People Are Lying Like Carpets On The Streets In The City.

Meanwhile, Western Countries Say A Convoy Of Russian Military Equipped With State-of-the-art Weapons Is Moving Into The Eastern Part Of Ukraine And A Major Attack Is Expected There.

Mariupol Has Been Hit By The Worst Attacks In The Past Six Weeks And Civilians Are Facing A Very Difficult Situation Here. However, There Is Limited Information About The Current Situation In The City Following The All-out Offensive By The Russian Army To Capture Mariupol.

Boychenko Accused Russian Soldiers Of Hiding The Massacre From The Outside World And Preventing Humanitarian Convoys From Entering The City For Several Weeks.

According To Vadim Boychenko, The Number Of People Who Lost Their Lives In The Russian Attack Could Increase To 20 Thousand. He Said The Russian Army Had Also Brought Funeral Equipment To Mariupol To Dispose Of The Bodies Of Those Killed In The Attack. (Language)

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