June 29, 2022

Johnny Depp Has Taken A Stand On Day Four Of The Ongoing Defamation Trial Against His Ex-wife Amber Heard.

*Trigger Warning*

Johnny Depp Took The Stand  As A Witness In The Ongoing Libel Trial Against His Ex-wife Amber Heard On The Final Day. On Monday, Depp Was Asked About A Recording  Played In Court Where Amber Claimed The Actor Put Out A Cigarette. Johnny Denied The Allegations In Court, Adding That He May Have Thrown Them Away. Calling The Idea Of ​​Him Putting Out A Cigarette At Heard’s “Ridiculous,” Johnny Said In Court, “I Can Certainly Say Without Hesitation That There Is No Understanding Of The Sun 

Throwing A Cigarette At Them Or Them.” Would Burn  With A Cigarette,” He Said. About Her,” Via The Independent.In The Audio Clip  Played In Court, Heard Implies That Depp Put Out A Cigarette For Her When She Says, “Go Ahead, Put  Out  Someone Else’s Friggin’ Cigarettes.” In The Same Clip, Depp Can Also Be Heard Responding As He Says : “Shut Up You Fat Ass.” This Audio Clip Was One Of Many Shared On Depp’s Fourth Day At The Stand And Gave More Insight Into The Former Couple’s Volatile Relationship. Survivor.While Depp Was Not Named In His Article, The Actor’s Lawyers Have Claimed  The References To Him Were Clear, Saying The Opinion Piece Harmed His Career And Reputation.

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