June 27, 2022

Johnny Depp  Detailed How An Article Written By Amber Heard Damaged His Career During His Recent Defamation Trial.

Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp Told Court  He Felt “Very Hurt” After Reading Amber Heard’s Article Before It Was Removed From  Pirates Of The Caribbean. The Depp And Heard Defamation Trial Began Monday, April 11, With Depp Claiming She Defamed Him In An Op-ed Published In The Washington Post In December 2018. 

However, According To The Independent, When Asked How He Felt About The Actor, After Reading Heard’s Comment In The In The Washington Post, In Which Heard Claimed She Was A Victim Of Domestic Violence, Told Johnny, 

“It Was Like I Had Hit Someone In The Back Of The Head With A 2X4.” For Those Who Don’t Know, Ms. Heard Wrote In Her 2018 Statement That “Like Many Women, She Was Sexually Harassed And  Assaulted While She Was In College.And I Didn’t See Myself As A Victim. While Mr Depp Is Not Mentioned In The Article, His Legal Team Claims That It Has A “Clear Implication That Mr Depp Is A Domestic Abuser”, Which They Say Is “Categorically And Demonstrably False”. .Johnny Depp Is Asking For “No Less Than $50 Million” In Damages. Meanwhile, 

Depp Was Also Surprised To Learn Disney Wouldn’t Cast Him As Captain Jack Sparrow In Future Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies. Was About 23 Days After The Editorial, Alluding To An Interview That Disney’s Sean Bailey Gave To The Hollywood Reporter, Which Ran Two Days After Heard’s Article, And Implied  The Series Would Continue Without Him. Reason And It Was Something Where I Obviously Put A Lot [Of Myself] Into The Character And Also  Worked With These People On These Films  And Added A Lot Of Myself, A Lot Of My Own Rewriting Of The Dialogue And Scenes And Jokes,” Said Fool.

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