July 2, 2022

The Word “Sex” Is Not Used Openly In Public, But It Plays A Big Role In Private Life. Everyone Wants That. Especially After Marriage, The Proportion Of Sex Increases Even More. Whether Man Or Woman, Everyone Has Their Own Physical Needs. Having Regular Physical Relationships Is Very Important For A Happy Married Life.If This  Does Not Happen From Time To Time In Your Married Life,  The Relationship Can Also Break Up.

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Now Watch This Story  Going Viral On Social Media. The Newspaper Has A Relationship Column Called The Guardian. Here People Share Their Problems In Their Relationship. Then The Experts Say The Solution. Recently, A Woman  Shared The Problem Of Her Sex Life.The Woman Said  Her Sex Life Was Nothing Special In Her First Marriage. In Such A Situation,  Bored With Her Husband, She Left Him And Remarried.

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Now The Wife Says That She Faces The Same Problem Again With Her Second Husband. The Wife Says: “At First Everything Was Fine Between Us, But Then My Connection With The Second Husband Also Began To End. Every Time I Have To Try To Make My Sex Life Good. I  Don’t Mind Watching Her Porn, But It Ruins Our Sex Life.The Wife Continues: “My Husband Does Not Touch Me, Nor Does He Take Any Initiative  Of His Own Accord. This Often Makes Me Depressed. Now Tell Me Your Condition.” Describing The Solution To This Woman’s Problem, The Relationship Expert Wrote, “You Should Be Open With Your Partner.They Share  What We Like About Everyone, Good And Bad. Everyone’s Personality And Behavior Is Different. In Such A Situation, It Is Your Duty To Tell Your Partner What Kind Of Sexual Movements You Expect From Him. It Is Also Possible That Your Partner Did Not Fully Understand You.So You Openly Tell Him What You Want.

The Expert  On  Watching Porn Further Writes That “Watching Porn Is Common For Both Women And Men. In General, This Has A Negative Effect On Sex Life. Sexual Problems Can Only Be Solved By Talking About Them Openly.” “. With Your Partner. Let Them Know Your Needs. This Way You Can Improve Your Boring Sex Life.Now What’s Your Take On This Whole Thing? Are You  Bored With Your Partner Or Your Sex Life? If So, Be Sure To Seek The Advice Of The Experts.

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