June 27, 2022


Hello friends, today I am going to tell you a story about Charlie Chaplin.

That’s how he worked hard in his life. Charlie Chaplin is a wonderful artist and I respect him very much. So let’s hear your story. “Mother is hungry,” little Charlie said to his mother. At that time there was nothing to eat in the house, but the mother still went to the kitchen and while acting, started making such sounds of climbing the utensils from the stove and running the karachhal, etc., as if she were cooking.

So that charlie, who was hungry, would remain silent for a while. All such incidents of childhood taught Charlie Chaplin heartwarming acting. Hunger, poverty, and, helplessness, the artist was The Instructor of Charlie Chaplin. Who made Charlie a true gold. This wonderful artist, Charlie Chaplin, was born in this world on April 16, 1889, in London.

Charlie Chaplin was unmatched

His full name was Charles Spencer Chaplin. This was the time when films didn’t speak. There was an era of silent films. In such a situation, you can understand how difficult it was to make someone laugh without speaking. But it was Charlie Chaplin, who did the challenging work because he was sent by the one above to share the joy with the people of the world.

This wonderful artist, with his expressions and silent acting, won the hearts of the audience. Who knew how much that comedian who made us laugh actually cried from the inside out.

When little Charlie Chaplin sang a song to treat mom

Because he knew that if people do not laugh at his acting, then the owner will fire him from the job, then from where will he get the money to buy bread. Mother was on a stretcher and Charlie was singing for her treatment.

This is the incident in the city of Aldershot, United Kingdom. Charlie Chaplin’s mother used to sing songs in ‘The Canteen’, a theater in this city. It was the city’s infamous theater that didn’t get the right audience, but it was a compulsion of Charlie Chaplin’s mother because other theaters at that time didn’t work for her. If she did not work in this theatre, how would the household expenses go?

A listener sitting in that theater picked up an object and threw it loudly at Charlie Chaplin’s mother. The object hit his mother’s throat at a high speed. Charlie Chaplin’s mother groaned in pain and fell on stage.

There was a commotion in that theater. Now Charlie Chaplin’s mother could not sing the song because of her injury. He had a serious injury to his throat. In such a situation it was necessary to take him to the hospital immediately but the manager of the theatre was not given the money. In such a situation, how could Charlie’s mother be treated without money? The manager of the theatre said that the show could not be done so he would not get the money.

To get money for his mother’s treatment, Charlie Chaplin asked the owner of that theater for permission to perform on stage. You will be surprised to know that At that time Charlie Chaplin was only 3 years old.

It is said that when Charlie Chaplin performed a famous tune on stage, ‘Jack Johns’, the audience was swayed and he rained money on little Charlie Chaplin. Later, with his mother’s prayer, Charlie Chaplin not only emerged as a wonderful comedian, but he emerged into the world as a successful film producer and composer.

Wives of Charlie Chaplin 

Charlie Chaplin didn’t find his first love. Charlie Chaplin did not get the first love he loved. In fact, when Charlie Chaplin first saw a young woman named Hetty Kelly, he became obsessed with her, but this love was one-sided. So when Charlie Chaplin proposed to marry his girlfriend, he flatly refused.

Charlie Chaplin’s heart was broken, later charlie’s life came to four wives. They gave birth to 11 children. The names of Charlie Chaplin’s wives were-were Mildred Harris, Lita Gray, Pollett, and Onel. There were great ups and downs in Charlie Chaplin’s life, but throughout his life, he kept on spreading smiles on the faces of the people who hid his gum in his heart.

He suffered but made others laugh.

Don’t know how many injuries are right to share people’s laughter. If you see Charlie Chaplin’s comic films, he is seen doing every act of his with a sharp jerk.

Do you know how many times he fell during the shoot and how many places he suffered injuries in his comic films to bring life to the scenes of sudden fall, rise, falter, etc., but that pain was not reflected on his face? That was the true artist.

It is said that the idea of doing comedy used to come to Charlie Chaplin in a dream. You should know that in most of his films, Charlie Chaplin was the screenwriter, the director, and the artist.

And Also Indian artist who was inspired by Charlie Chaplin 

The cap and the little mustache and stick on the head were the hallmarks of comedian Charlie Chaplin. Don’t know how many artists from across the country and abroad considered him as their role model. Popat Lal’s taking the umbrella in hand in the famous comedy TV serial ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ is inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s stick.

Indian comedian Mahmud was a devotee of Charlie Chaplin. Many comedians of India were devotees of Charlie Chaplin. India’s comedian Mahmood brought charlie chaplin’s act to life by putting a small mustache in many of his films.

Today, whenever there is talk of comedy on-screen in the world, the name of Charlie Chaplin comes in the highest place. Because he has no connection.

Charlie Chaplin made a lot of money. 

The death of Charlie, who gave the gift of laughter all his life, was also tragic. Not only this, after his death, his buried dead body was stolen from the grave by some thieves in Switzerland. He wanted a huge sum of money in exchange for that corpse.

But they were arrested. This was at a time when Charlie Chaplin made a lot of money through films. People had a bad eye on their earnings. Who wanted to steal Charlie Chaplin’s body and extort money from his relatives.

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