June 29, 2022

If your hair quickly looks greasy and sticky. So in such a situation, you should know about its reasons. And you should know why your hair becomes sticky.

Like our body, the scalp also has its own way of working. The scalp produces a certain amount of oil to maintain the moisture level. It helps in creating a thin barrier between the scalp and the environment. But sometimes it happens that our scalp produces excessive sebum and due to which the hair looks very sticky and greasy. So know why your hair becomes sticky very soon.

Use warm water for

shampooing and conditioning, you select warm water. But in the end, wash the hair with cold water to close the hair cuticles.

use cold water

Usually, in afterwardwinter afterward, women wash their hair with warm water. Hot water is great for removing dirt by opening up the pores and unclogging the hair cuticles. However, if you do not wash your hair with cold water afterwards, it can be harmful to your hair. Actually, hot water can remove sebum from your scalp and make it dry. Due to this later the scalp produces excessive excess oil and the hair looks sticky.

Do not brush frequently,

many women are not aware of this, but due to frequent touching and brushing of hair, it becomes very oily. This happens because touching the hair transfers oil and bacteria from your hands to the hair. It makes your hair greasy. On the other hand, if you brush frequently, it spreads the sebum in the hair and looks oily and greasy.

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