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Its harmful for Washing your hair with hot water in winter : Hair Care Tips


Mar 31, 2022

People like to take bath with hot water in the cold season. But when it comes to hair, people hesitate to take a hot bath. So today in this article we are going to tell you what would be best for your hair.

Tired of working after a long day. After this, I feel like taking a bath and getting tired. It is seen that people prefer to take bath with hot water instead of cold water to reduce fatigue because hot water gives more relief. There are no two opinions in the matter of relief, but bathing with hot water damages your hair.


Hair fall problem- If you wash your hair with shampoo, try not to wash it with hot water as it damages the hair. Mixing shampoo and hot water causes hair fall.

Damage to the skin and scalp along with the hair – Bathing with hot water damages your hair and scalp as well as damages your scalp. This may cause redness or irritation. Washing hair with hot water can be harmful.

Hair roots are weak – Hot water during bathing opens the hair follicles of your scalp, which weakens the hair roots. In such a situation, the problem of hair fall starts due to bathing in hot water.

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