June 29, 2022

You must have seen many talented children, who surprise the good and the good with their talent. One such talented girl is Kashvi. Kashvi from Himachal Pradesh is very smart in her studies. The special thing is that at the age of just 8, she is going to give the 8th exam.


You must have seen and heard many children of extraordinary talent. Who makes everyone crazy with his skills. Kashvi, a resident of Palampur city of Himachal Pradesh, is rich in such a unique talent. At the age of just eight, Kashvi will appear for the Class VIII examination. Kashvi, who lives in Himuda Colony in Lohna Ward of Palampur, had demanded from the government and the Board of Education to take the Class VIII examination due to her exceptional talent. For which he has got permission. Kashvi’s mother recognized her prodigious talent and inspired her to pursue it.


The court approved that


Kashvi was not being allowed to appear in the 8th examination earlier because of his young age. But Kashvi’s father did not give up and filed a petition in the High Court regarding this. After hearing the matter, the court has temporarily ordered permission to study in class VIII.


Having completed one class in two months,


the talent of the entire Kashvi can be gauged from the fact that, amidst the absence of regular studies in the school due to Kovid-19 for one and a half years, Kashvi did a class in just two months. Completed studies.


Kashvi completed her fourth to seventh grade in two months and is now preparing for her eighth grade exam.


Kashvi’s father Santosh Kumar is associated with teaching, while mother Kamlesh is a housewife. Kashvi’s mother recognized her darling’s unique potential and inspired her to move forward.


In this way, Kashvi completed her studies till 7th


standard and passed the first class after studying for only one year in school. Earlier he had not studied in Nursery and LKG.



He has been promoted by the school in the second grade. She continued her studies of the third grade as well, as well as after completing the syllabus of all the next classes, she has started preparing for the eighth class examination.

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