June 27, 2022

Google Pay today launched Tap to Pay feature in association with Pine Labs. This feature will work with UPI only. Through this feature, people will now have more ease in making payments.

The number of digital payment users in India is increasing rapidly. In view of this, companies are also bringing new features. UPI contributes significantly to the number of digital payment users in the country. Due to this, people are able to pay very easily while shopping. At the same time, the feature that Google Pay has launched today will give a further boost to digital payments. Till now, Tap to Pay was available only for cards.

How Google Pay’s Tap to Pay feature will work
To make the payment, the user has to tap his phone on the POS terminal. In which he can authenticate the payment using his UPI PIN. Scanning the QR code will be as easy and in less time as making the payment by entering the PIN.

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