June 27, 2022

Do you do these mistakes while shampooing, these 4 mistakes are the real reason for hair loss

Causes of hair fall: Does your hair fall a lot after washing your hair? If yes, then it means that you are making four big mistakes while doing the shampoo.


Just as it is important to apply oil to the hair, in the same way, there is a special way of applying shampoo to the hair. If care is taken while shampooing the hair, then the hair falls more. We all make four mistakes that lead to hair fall. So let’s know what things to keep in mind while shampooing and what tips to adopt to prevent hair fall.
After washing the hair, if there is more tangle in it, then it is certain that the hair will fall more. Shampoo must be done at least twice a week and if there is excessive sweating in the hair, then you can do it three to four times as per the need of the hair. Shampooing does not harm the hair, but it is important to take care of some things while shampooing.
Most people make the same mistake while washing their hair. Due to this, the hair gets tangled badly.
Four mistakes that are not good for hair. These can be considered the most common mistakes while shampooing which affect the health of your hair.
These are the four mistakes that cause hair fall
First mistake- It is harmful to keep rubbing the hair in any way while shampooing. After applying shampoo to the hair, massaging it in a circular motion creates more friction in the hair and it increases the chances of hair becoming tangled and breaking.
How to shampoo then – When the hair is completely wet, then take shampoo and massage it inside motion in the hair. If you want, while moving your hands from top to bottom, gently massage the shampoo. This will make the foam better and the hair will not get tangled.
The second mistake- Applying shampoo only on the head and rubbing the entire hair from bottom to top tangles your hair. Therefore, apply shampoo to the hair not only on the scalp but also on the length of the hair. Massage the bottom hair only.
The third mistake- Pouring shampoo directly on the scalp also makes the hair dry and tangled. Always have shampoo in hand and dilute it with water. So that the shampoo is mild and turns into a lather as soon as it goes on the hair. Thick shampoo tends to stick to the scalp, disturbing the pH level of the scalp. This also breaks the hair a lot.
The fourth mistake – If the shampoo is not washed properly in the hair, then it causes dryness. For this reason, whenever you wash your hair, take the shampoo out of the hair thoroughly.

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